A summary of Ioetec’s presentation on “Securing IoT Data to meet Net Zero Targets” at the Innovate UK KTN Digital Business Meet-up: Net Zero event (04/08/2022).

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Ioetec platform is helping Local Authorities monitor energy usage in social housing so they can implement retrofit programmes to suit the residents and meet net zero targets – figures outlining the scale of the challenge

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To help address this Ioetec have been working with partners on smart city applications.

The Synergia Programme consortium is developing a secure and energy efficient IoT platform for smart cities to allow third parties to connect devices, collect data and communicate to their desired back-end point (cloud, on premise server) democratising big data collection.

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The Ioetec solution communicates secured IoT data is secured through a variety of communication protocols depending on use case.


The platform has been specifically developed for seamless integration into;

  1. the design and build of new sensors and devices
  2. existing hardware
  3. devices constrained by processing power, memory, power and communications bandwidth.