Securing IoT Data

How Ioetec secures IoT data

Connecting assets or monitoring local environments via IoT (Internet of Things) devices, like sensors, can expose your data to malicious corruption such as hacking.  This increases the threat to operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) functions, making your business vulnerable to targeted cyber attacks. For example, UK companies are currently experiencing nearly two million hacking incidents/month, making this a serious issue facing CEOs, CTOs and CISO managers.

Ioetec’s IoT Security Platform: securing your IoT data

Ioetec’s IoT Security Platform allows you to collect “big data”, with IoT devices, whilst securing your data, IT and OT, ensuring the smooth running of these business-critical systems. It  guarantees the authenticity and confidentiality of data  generated at source, giving you the ability to interpret and analyse the data with confidence.

The Ioetec platform is both sensor and backend point agnostic, focusing on encrypting data at source and delivering it securely to the backend point using your preferred means of communication (more information link – Ioetec Security Platform). Using the leading industry standard encryption algorithm (AES) and authentication to secure devices and their data, Ioetec’s platform comprises a robust and novel key exchange protocol which enables the secure use of AES encryption. This offers an embedded security solution specifically designed for IoT constrained devices, previously not available with TLS and Blockchain methods.

Specifically developed for seamless integration into;

  • the design and build of new sensors and devices
  • existing hardware
  • devices constrained by processing power, memory, power and communications bandwidth

The platform is cost effective and scalable to grow with your data requirements and business model. We provide a range of subscription / licence options with comprehensive technical services to ensure your IoT device works efficiently and securely for you and your customers. How it works…

Supports multiple frameworks for data delivery

The Ioetec IoT Security Platform is designed to deliver encrypted data through a wide variety of delivery platforms, for example, the IoT industry standard by an MQTT broker using the Sparkplug protocol.

Key Benefits
  • Users and devices are authenticated
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, only the authorised user can access their data
  • True end to end i.e., from device to backend point
  • Simple to use, plug and play implementation
  • Guarantees confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data
  • Automatic registration, no custom manufacturing process required
  • Protocols designed for resource constrained embedded devices
Key Features
  • Light weight protocols
  • Reduced latency
  • Efficient data transfer
  • Common naming
  • Multi-vendor
  • Retained messages
  • Status monitoring
  • Join and leave notification
  • Encrypted data
  • TLS for authorised user authentication
Protects against
  • Inspection – stops intruders from seeing the data
  • Injection – prevents addition of fake data
  • Tampering – stops intentional altering of the data
  • Corruption – allows detection of corruption of data
  • Replay – prevents the recording and replay of data
  • Deletion – allows detection of deleted data
  • Side channel – implementation is secure by design
Deployment & Scale

Ioetec provides downloadable libraries of code for integration into IoT devices, facilitating ease of deployment at any scale.

The Ioetec IoT Security Platform has been designed to integrate seamlessly into your specified backend data repository to complement the flexibility of in-field IoT sensor deployment. 

Standards, Regulation & Legislation 

 As leaders in IoT data security, Ioetec’s platform adheres to government legislation, with which we meet the latest standards.

 Ioetec works to the Secured by Design principles in accordance with GOV.UK requirements.