Securing IoT Data

About us
Ioetec specialises in securing data for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Our technologies encrypt data at the point of generation and then securely communicates it to your specified backend point.  Our core technology, the Ioetec IoT Security Platform, has been designed specifically for resource constrained devices that have limited computational, power and memory capabilities, such as battery-operated sensors. This is accomplished by an innovative approach that allows secure key exchange with the industry standard AES encryption algorithm.
Ioetec Affiliates
Ioetec Management Team
Mark Davies
Chief Executive Officer

CEO and co-founder of Ioetec Limited, a specialist cyber security software company developing innovative solutions for (IoT)

Mike Faulks
Chief Technical Officer

CTO and co-founder of Ioetec Limited. Experienced consultant specialising in Cyber Security and Embedded Computing.