Securing IoT Data

Secure Gateway demonstrator kit

Ioetec G-2201

£150 incl. VAT



The Secure Gateway Demonstrator Kit consists of the following:

  •         An ESP32 based sensor board. This is supplied preloaded with Ioetec Secure software to use the two inbuilt sensors which detect a magnetic field and touch. The board supports I2C and SPI interfaces to allow for additional sensors.
  •        A BeagleBone Black based Gateway with WiFi hotspot. This is also supplied preloaded with Ioetec Secure software . This software authenticates and collects data from the sensor board and sends it to the Ioetec cloud for secure storage. Before use you need to register the gateway on your account page and from that point on the data collection and communication is automatic.
  •         An Ioetec account which provides authentication information and help and support for the Demonstrator and associated software. In addition, Ioetec provide a hosted MQTT server which, with the supplied credentials, you can use to retrieve your collected data.

Intended use of demonstrator

  • The Demonstrator allows you to experiment with how Ioetec Secure Software can be used in your own products to provide authenticated and secure data.
    •        You can modify the Sensor board hardware and software to experiment with different types of data collection. Libraries are provided for the ESP32 board, however other platforms are available on request.
    •        The behaviour of the Gateway can be changed to deliver to your own MQTT server for integration into your analytics platform. Other integrations are available on request.
    •        The ESP32 Sensor communicates with the Gateway using WiFi but a variety of other communications protocols such as BLE and LoraWan are available on request.
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  • 1 x Ioetec-2201 Gateway
  • 2 x 5v Power Adapter
  • 1 x Sensor Board (Feather Huzzah ESP32)
  • 1 x Wifi Dongle
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable