UK’s Top 14 Most Innovative Cybersecurity SME 2021

Ioetec have once again been selected to be a part of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Smart Cities Innovation Cyber Accelerator programme.

The National Cyber Security Centre is one of the UK’s most vital organisations in the world of cybersecurity. Doing a multitude of different tasks, from providing information and guides for businesses to individuals, responding and tidying up cyber breaches and reducing overall damage, and providing their own security to the UK.

The Cyber Accelerator programme is a collaboration hosted by NCSC, bringing together cybersecurity businesses of similar interests. This is with the aim too help better tackle some of the biggest and most challenging cyber security problems that we face. The theme of this cohort is Smart Cities, one of the most real issues that the future of technology will face.

Smart Cities brings together the digital technologies that are present in city services, such as waste management, water, electricity, and many more, that are vital for future city operations. Digital technologies present in these city services are slowly increasing in demand, therefore leading to many opportunities for unauthorised access, which could cause potentially great disruption to the public. Ioetec’s role within this growing importance to The Internet of Things, is our vision in the protection and security of vulnerable data in the future of Smart Cities.

Smart Cities will be crucial for an efficient, effective and cheaper world for the future of cities. Ioetec and the rest of the Cyber Accelerator cohort will be perusing the security of digital technologies, ensuring proper function and protection of underlying information that will keep cities running smoothly.

Ioetec look forward to contributing to this amazing programme, and look forward to seeing its future progression.