Ioetec participated in the Synergia demonstrator day where the project collaborators presented and celebrated the success of how to secure data and devices that connect to the Toshiba edge Umbrella Platform testbed in Bristol.

The night before Ioetec staff drove to an Umbrella node where we connected a sensor to transmit dynamically encrypted data within the sensor, using the Ioetec platform, wirelessly by LoRa.

The data was delivered through the Toshiba and Ioetec servers, back to us in the vehicle over a cellular network where we decrypted it on a laptop as the authorised user. This demonstrates that Ioetec can secure and deliver IoT data from devices at the very edge whilst maintaining its confidentiality, integrity and authenticity.

This technology enables organisations to collect sensitive data from previously unworkable locations, allowing insights into the location’s assets, infrastructure and local conditions, thereby extending operational business intelligence and competitive advantage.