Securing IoT Data


The Ioetec Secure Gateway Demonstrator Kit is a simple and convenient way to test the underlying encryption and communication technology used in the Ioetec IoT Security Platform.

Benefit: a cyber-physical option to access the real-time, low latency, encryption and communication of IoT data.

Realise Package

A development process designed to embed an IoT security layer (utilising the proven Ioetec security technology) quickly and efficiently onto your specific IoT hardware and backend point.

Benefit: saves time and security development costs for the accelerated realisation of your IoT product to market.


A scalable and flexible approach to access Ioetec’s robust security technology that will grow with your business. 

Benefit: to assess, in field, proof of concept or small-scale deployments of IoT devices.


Designed specifically for large scale long-term deployment of IoT devices where platform customisation is required to meet your needs.

Benefit: a flexible and scalable IoT security platform to protect IoT data employed in enterprise products and services.